• FAIZAH ABD MAJID, (PROF. DR.) - TESL (Reading & Writing), Adult Education (adult learners; learning strategies), Professional Development (training & Continuous Professional Development) & Higher Education (Teaching & Learning)   

    • MOHD KHAIREZAN RAHMAT (DR.) - New Technologies in Visual Art Education & Graphic and Multimedia Design.

    • ROSLINDA ALIAS (Ts. Dr.) - Instructional Technology, Inclusive Education, Design and Development Research, Technology-Supported Learning for Special Educational Needs Learners

    • BADRUL ISA (DR.) – Museum & Gallery Education, Multicultural Art Education, Art Appreciation, Teacher Education (Visual Arts), Creative Entrepreneurship

    • SITI MAFTUHAH DAMIO (DR.) - Second/Foreign Language Learning & Teaching, Teacher Training, Autonomous Learning & Teaching

    • NORSIDAH MOHAMED NORDIN, (DR.) - Adult Education, Sociology in Education 

    • CHAN YUEN FOOK, (PROF DR.) - Educational Management & Leadership, Computer in Education, Testing, Measurement & Evaluation

    • HARRINNI MD NOOR (DR.) - Art and Design Education, New Media and Technology in Art Education, Computer in Education

    • IZAHAM SHAH ISMAIL, (ASSOC. PROF. DR.) - TESL, and Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL)

    • JAMIAH BABA (DR.)  -  Adult Education, Higher Education  

    • JOHAN @ EDDY LUARAN, (DR.) - Instructional Technology & Computer in Education

    • KAARTHIYAINY SUPRAMANIAM, (DR.) - Communities of Practice, Academic Discourse, Genre Analysis, and TESL

    • LEE LAI FONG, (DR.) - TESL, ESP (English for Specific Purpose)

    • MARINA MOHD ARIF, (DR.) -  Teaching of L2 Reading and Early Literacy

    • MAWARNI MOHAMED, (DR.) - Leisure Studies; Management and Policy; Leadership in Leisure and Recreation; Sports, Leisure and Recreation for Special Population and TESL.

    • NABILAH ABDULLAH, (DR.) - Psychology in Education, Science Education

    • NOR AZIAH ALIAS, (ASSOC. PROF. DR.) - Instructional design and technology, design and development research, adult motivation in online distance learning

    • PARMJIT SINGH, (ASSOC. PROF. DR.) - Research Methodology, Quantitative Data Analysis, Mathematics Teaching and Learning, Problem Solving , Mathematical Thinking

    • ROHAYA ABDUL WAHAB (DR.) - Adult Education, Extension Education, Continuing Professional Education and Professional Development, Human Resource Development, Lifelong Learning, Non Formal and Inforrmal learning and Spirituality and Adult Learning.

    • ROS  'AIZAN YAHAYA, (ASSOC. PROF. DR.) - Instructional Technology, 3D Virtual Reality Learning Environment,  Activity Theory, Business & Management Education

    • SHIREENA BASREE, (DR.) - Literature, Elementary Education

    • SITI ZURAIDA MAARUF, (DR.) - Curriculum Instruction, and Arts Education

    • TEOH SIAN HOON, (ASSOC. PROF. DR.) - Information Technology, Mathematics & Statistics with Education

    • ZAINAB MOHD NOOR, (DR.)  - Curriculum & Instruction, Testing and Evaluation, and TESL

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