Undergraduate Program (ED241)



Bachelor of Education (Hons.) Teaching English As A Second Language
|   MQA/SWA12785  |  UiTM Code   ED241   |   UPU Code   UE145003   | 

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Program Descriptions

The Bachelor of Education (Hons.) Teaching English As A Second Language program is designed not only to produce knowledgeable, skillful and qualified English language teachers for secondary schools, but also to produce capable graduates who can embark in other related fields. The program focuses on areas of education, communicative competence, methods of teaching and learning, and teaching practices relevant to the field of the English language. The program covers 128 credit hours spanning eight semesters or four years of studies.


Career Prospects

The alumni of the Bachelor of Education (Hons.) Teaching English As A Second Language program have gone on to become professionals in the field of education, corporate training, broadcasting, corporate relations, sales, marketing and human resource.


Entry Requirements

Candidates who wish to join this program are required to fulfill the following conditions:

i.    SPM with a minimum grade of A- in English AND credit (minimum grade C) in Mathematics/Additional Mathematics
      AND credit in any TWO other subjects

ii.   STPM (or equivalent) with

  •  A minimum CGPA of 2.50 and
  •  At least a B in TWO other subjects, not including Pengajian Am

     OR    Diploma from UiTM with a minimum CGPA of 2.50

     OR    Diploma from other recognized institutions of higher learning with a minimum CGPA of 3.00

     OR    Asasi TESL certificate from UiTM with a minimum CGPA of 2.50 and at least a B (3.00) in THREE subjects

     OR    Ministry of Education Matriculation/PASUM/ASASI UiTM with a minimum CGPA of 2.50 and at least a B (3.00)
              in THREE subjects

iii.  AND Malaysian University English Test (MUET) with a minimum of Band 4

iv.  Must PASS the Malaysian Educators Selection Inventory (MEDSI) test including the Faculty of Education’s written test and
     an interview


Academic Pathway after Bachelor of Education (Hons.) Teaching of English as a Second Language

Graduates who wish to further their studies may enroll into the following postgraduate degree programs at the Faculty of Education

  • Master of Education in Teaching English As A Second Language (TESL)
  • Master of Education in Educational Management and Leadership
  • Master of Education (by Research)


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