Postgraduate Program (ED702)



Master of Education (Visual Arts Education) | MQA/FA6681 | UiTM Code ED702 |


Program Descriptions
An extension of the Arts Education in the Faculty of Education, the Master of Education in Visual Arts Education is one of the faculty’s most creative and productive postgraduate programs. 


Mode and Duration
Full-time: 1 ½ years (classes during weekdays)
Part-time: 2 years (classes on Friday and Saturday)


Courses Offered (Full Time)

Semester 1
Education and Human Development
Research Methodology
History and Philosophy of Art Education
Current Issues and Ideas in Visual Art Education

Semester 2
Introduction to Statistics
Contemporary Models in Visual Art Education
Multimedia in Visual Art Education
Assessment and Evaluation in Art Education

Semester 3
Research Seminar
Theories and Practices in Visual Art Education
Visual Art Education Research/Project
Aesthetics and Art Criticism in Art Education


Entry Requirements

The Master of Education in Visual Arts Education is open to any candidates who fulfil the following requirements:

Bachelor of Education (Hons.) Art and Design Education with a CGPA of 3.00 or above

OR    Bachelor Degree in Art and Design (Hons.) with a CGPA of 3.00 or above

OR    any Bachelor Degree and Diploma in Art and Design with at least ONE year teaching experience in art

AND  an interview session carried out by the Faculty of Education to determine candidates’ suitability.


Academic Pathway after Master of Education in Visual Arts Education
Graduates who wish to further their studies may pursue Doctor of Philosophy (Education) at the Faculty of Education UiTM or in any other related Ph.D. program in a different higher learning institution.


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